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Rive di Farra di Soligo vineyard/Giles Fallowfield

While consumers may know Prosecco as an off-dry, fruity fizz, new styles are emerging. Giles Fallowfield took a look.

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash
22. February 2019 - 13:30

Social media in China marries interaction with commerce. Will the social media giants in the West follow suit? If so, the day could come when consumers don't just take pictures of wine bottles, but follow up with an order. Robert Joseph has some thoughts.

Elizabeth Tomasino, University of Oregon State
17. February 2019 - 14:00

A new study overturns previous thinking about sex-based differences in wine tasting, concluding that male and female judges award much the same points to the same wines. Liza B. Zimmerman reports.

Laurent Delaunay photo by Emma Roberts
17. February 2019 - 13:45

Laurent and Catherine Delaunay started with one car, one computer and a mobile phone shaped like a brick. From those small beginnings they have built a 15m bottle company. Felicity Carter spoke with Laurent Delaunay about what opportunities he sees remaining in wine - and the threats on the horizon.

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Victor de la Serna

Although against the European decision to condone the use of oak chips to flavour wine, the Consejo Regulador in Rioja plans to allow its

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Charles Metcalfe

I think we may have seen the best of the recent run of high prices, confided David Elswood at lunch after a sale of Finest & Rarest Wines on

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Subhash Arora

Vijay Mallya, chairman of UB Group, the largest beer and spirit s company in India has announced his foray into the wine market. After failing to buy

7. October 2006 - 13:00

by Othmar Stäheli

After the bankruptcy of Swiss Wine Communication in July, a new company has been founded to promote Swiss wine both on the domestic market and

5. October 2006 - 13:00

by Michèle Shah

4. October 2006 - 13:00

by Hervé Lalau

Exports of French sparkling wines to Belgium have been increasing steadily for the last five years. In 2001, a total of 124,000 hectolitres of French

4. October 2006 - 13:00

by Hervé Lalau

At 26 litres per head each year, Belgians are keen on wine and tend to think that stores that select the best are good retailers. As it is difficult