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Tim Hanni MW/Bob McClenahan

Tim Hanni MW sheds light on how human taste is formed and what it means for the marketing of wine. An interview by Robert Joseph.

25. October 2006 - 13:00

by Igor Serdyuk

24. October 2006 - 13:00

by James Halliday

Fosters has been stirring opinions recently. It has released mid-range Wolf Blass wines in plastic bottles; it has bedecked Penfolds Koonunga Hill red and others in that price

24. October 2006 - 13:00

by Igor Serdyuk

Seven months after the ban on the import and sale of Georgian and Moldovan wines in Russia, it is no longer a secret that the decision made by the central government

24. October 2006 - 13:00

by Michèle Shah

22. October 2006 - 13:00

by Michèle Shah

Italy has many heads and even more ideas, says Angelo Gaja. There are few countries, which pride themselves so on individualism, as if it were a

national sport. It s almost a given that each and every opinion differs, especially when it comes to politics even wine politics .

20. October 2006 - 13:00

by Toni Aspler

Canada, the world s largest producer of icewine, is now officially a wine-drinking country. The latest figures issued by Statistics Canada show that in 2005 sales of

19. October 2006 - 13:00

byRichard Grosche

The European Regulation 1507/2006 detailing how oak chips may be used in winemaking in the European Union entered into force today. Sensitive

18. October 2006 - 13:00

by Subhash Arora

Rajeev Samant , majority owner and executive director of Sula Wines in Nashik has strongly denied any truth to the speculation in the press about Diageo acquiring a significant stake in his

17. October 2006 - 13:00

by Jamie Kim

After rising by nearly 20% in 2005 to 1.75 million cases, wine imports in South Korea grew even faster in the first half of 2006, posting gains of almost

17. October 2006 - 13:00

by Wojciech Boñkowski andTomasz Prange-Barczyñski

Earlier this year Poland was classified in zone A as a winemaking country by the European Union. With plantings exceeding 200 hectares, Poland is slowly becoming a wine nation. Last June the