Weingut Riffel, Bingen

Weingut Riffel
Carolin Riffel
Mühlweg 14A
55411 Bingen

+49 (6721) 994690
+49 (6721) 994691
The wine estate Riffel is located in Bingen in the north-western part of Rheinhessen. Carolin and Erik Riffel developed the very long family owned agricultural site to an Estate, which is now well recognized in Germany and developed to 15 ha now. The vineyards are located around büdesheim to the estate located in the middle oft the small town. They produce their grapes biodynamically and ecologically certified.Their main focus is based on the Single Vineyard Scharlachberg. In the end oft he Last century nobody recognized the scharlachberg. Erik and Carolin recultivated the Scharlachberg with its QUARZIT - Soil to the name it was in the former years! HARVEST - The ripe grapes are seleceted 3 times, in vats they bring home the grapes.SKIN CONTACT - The skin contact is individually decided for every single part. 6-24hPRESSING - once more selected, before pressing. CLEAR-UP - Then the juice is cleared up throught the night without doing anything! FERMENTATION - in stainless steel or in oak barrels the fermentation starts its process. BATTONAGE - On certain days the moon is well, the yeasts are brought in contact again.FILLING – late spring, the wines are seperated from the yeast and bottled!The wines they produce are very mineral, brilliant and elegant style! Even there is a spontaneous note in most oft he wines! Very expressive and long lasting!The main focus of Erik Riffel is: „Producing wines with a burning ambition for excellent ecological wines - together with the nature with individuality and respect to our Scharlachberg!!!“Single Vineyard: Binger Scharlachberg 4ha, Binger Kirchberg 0,6ha (first Riesling in 2019)Varieties: Riesling 45%, Silvaner 10%, Weißer Burgunder 10%, Grauer Burgunder 5%, Spätburgunder 4% and others