ISW June Tasting 2023

27.06.2023 - 28.06.2023
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Few things are as diverse and versatile as the world of spirits. What drives the industry is unbridled creativity, the search for the extraordinary and the pursuit of the highest quality.In this growing variety, however, it is becoming an ever greater challenge for customers to keep their bearings and find their way around.
This is where Meininger's International Spirits Award - ISW comes in. We have made it our task to provide distillers and producers with objective, neutral, expert and detailed feedback on their products, as well as to offer consumers reliable quality orientation for their purchasing decisions. 

In three large tastings, spread over January, April and June, your spirits are evaluated with a strong focus on the respective categories.
Through the theme-specific tastings, ISW permanently strengthens its media presence, offers intensive editorial support in the trade magazines of Meininger Verlag as well as wide-reaching online formats.

In June, the following categories will be tasted:

  • Whisk(e)y 
  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Korn & other grain spirits
  • The Grand Gin & Tonic Tasting (only awarded Gins from the ISW April Tasting 2023 can participate)


    These categories were already tasted in January:

    • Brandy & Pomace Brandy / Grappa
    • Fruit liqueurs
    • Liqueurs of all kinds
    • Brandy & Grape marc spirit

    These categories were already tasted in April:

    • Gin & juniper spirits
    • Aperitif
    • Vermouth
    • Non-alcoholic distillates
    • Other spirits (than already mentioned above), absinthe, tequila, etc.


    You can find further information on our website and in our folder, which you can download here.



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    Responsible for tasting:

    Christian Wolf
    Director Degustation

    Tel: +49 6321-8908-951
    Mail: [email protected]

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