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Chianti Trambusti Ltd. was founded in 1934 by Orlando Trambusti, an expert wine lover who decided to parlay his natural avocation into work. His first activity was running a small storehouse in the municipality of Greve in Chianti.Over time the business grew and in 1939 the small store in Greve moved to the little town of Impruneta, near Florence where the company stayed throughout World War Two. After the war, the cellars became two, with one opening in Florence: they were small but well equipped to bottle and age wine in barrels.In 1956 the company moved to Via Pistoiese, where it remains today. Orlando Trambusti, founder of the company and fomenter of its steady growth, died in 1982. From that moment his son Giovanni took the reins of Chianti Trambusti. Giovanni continued following the guidelines set down by his enterprising father - selecting with care and skill the best wines in Tuscany, to be bottled and delivered to loyal consumers in Italy and abroad. Under Giovanni's leadership, the company began exporting wine to foreign markets - first and foremost to the United States, then the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Eventually Giovanni was supported by the entry into the company of his children. Giacomo works as sales manager, Veronica as the head of the administrative office, and Francesco as production manager.Thanks also to their great contribution to the company, today Chianti Trambusti is a great wine-making estate -- with modern and functional equipment to produce and bottle wines of impeccable qualifications and value. The company is in constant growth and has an eye on the new Asian market.