Meininger's International Wine Conference 2019

Wine is a product that exists beyond its raw ingredients. The way in which a wine is produced, which producer is behind it, and how society sees it are decisive factors. They constitute the value of a wine and decide whether it should be purchased and at what price. All of these factors open up a broad field of branding and brand management for wines that want to be more than just an interchangeable product among many others at points of sale.

Wine as an aesthetic product resembles a picture or a work of art whose value first emerges in the eye of the beholder. Consumers do not have a scale or a reproducible measuring method to assess the value of a wine. They, therefore, need decision-making aids to facilitate their choice. This makes the following question a marketing focal point for all wine producers and wine marketers:

How is a brand created?

More than ever before, the success of many wine producers and wine marketers hinges on conclusively and successfully answering that question. A brand must make the wine desirable in the eyes of the customer while simultaneously reconciling the customer’s willingness to pay with the asking price of the wine. Branding is not limited to product marketing – companies, wine producers, wine merchants and online shops have just as much prerogative to be a brand as people.

Be on hand when world-class speakers from science, research and the real world present you with the latest market developments while speaking about key brand building issues. Attend Meininger’s International Wine Conference to receive exciting information and new insights into the wine market and wine marketing. Take advantage of the opportunities and proposals this conference offers. Experience excellent speakers who have something to say.

I look forward to seeing you there and sincerely welcome you to Duesseldorf!

Dr Hermann Pilz
Editor-in-chief WEINWIRTSCHAFT