MUNDUS VINI was founded by Meininger Verlag and has been one of the most important wine competitions in the world from day one. The aim of the competition is to recognise and promote the quality of the wines submitted, providing wine customers with helpful guidance and rewarding growers for their efforts. Winning an award represents a prestigious boost in terms of public image and marketing.


When is MUNDUS VINI held?
MUNDUS VINI has held two tastings a year since 2014. There are no differences between the tastings in terms of organisation or judging. The first tasting is held at the end of February, ahead of the ProWein trade fair. Our second tasting takes place at the end of August, the aim being to bolster marketing in the run-up to Christmas. The tastings are held at the Saalbau festival hall in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.


How do I benefit from a MUNDUS VINI tasting?
This is an opportunity to have your wine tasted independently and compared with others from around the world. But that’s not all: take advantage of the sensational prospect of winning one of the renowned and sales-boosting MUNDUS VINI medals in Silver, Gold and Grand Gold. The winning wines will be published on our websites and on MEININGER ONLINE. In the list of winners, we offer you the option of a link to your website from your award-winning product, giving you an opportunity to guide potential customers to your online shop quickly and effectively. We also publish the results in our magazines MEININGER’S WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL, WEINWIRTSCHAFT, MEININGERS WEINWELT, DER DEUTSCHE WEINBAU and MEININGERS SOMMELIER. Thanks to this unparalleled editorial presentation of the tasting results, we offer you the opportunity to catch the eye of decision-makers from across a variety of sectors.


How do I make sure that I never miss any events or announcements in the future?
Subscribe to our newsletter today ( You will then always find out about our scheduled tastings in good time.


Who is eligible to enter MUNDUS VINI?
All growers and distributors of wine, sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine and liqueur wine around the world are able to participate, provided that their products are approved for direct human consumption according to Annex VII, Part II, of Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 for wine.


What can be entered into MUNDUS VINI?
The following products are eligible for our tastings:

- Still wines of all quality classes, grape varieties/cuvées and flavours
- Sparkling wines of all quality classes, grape varieties/cuvées and flavours
- Semi-sparkling wines of all quality classes, grape varieties/cuvées and flavours
- Dessert wines
- Liqueur wines


How many wines can an entrant register?
Each entrant may submit as many samples as they wish for a MUNDUS VINI tasting, provided that the wines comply with the manufacturing and labelling regulations of the third country concerned and/or the regulations of the European Union.


How can I register wines for a MUNDUS VINI tasting?
In order to register your wines with MUNDUS VINI, you first of all require a customer profile on our website. Register by entering your details and go to the registration page for the tasting concerned Register your samples. Here, you can enter all the relevant details for your sample.
PLEASE NOTE: the field marked ‘Product name as per label’ (used for publication) can no longer be edited after registration has been completed. If you wish to make a change, please send an email detailing your change request(s) to [email protected]


What happens once I have registered my samples?
Once you have registered your samples, please check that all information provided is correct. If there are no errors, print out the product pass for your samples. You will need to enclose this product pass when sending your samples to our warehouse. Please ensure that the product passes are enclosed with the correct samples.
It is up to you how you send your wine to us. Please produce a parcel label for each sample. Affix this label in a prominent position on your parcel, as this helps us to sort incoming goods.


Does MUNDUS VINI include barrel samples?

Our competitions have allowed barrel samples since 2014. Please send us your samples with the completed barrel tasting application. You can affix provisional labels to the bottles. These labels must contain the following information: product name, AP/batch number and alcohol content.
Please note that special rules apply to barrel samples and partially bottled wines. In the event that one of your barrel samples wins a medal, you have a period of four months to bottle the wine and order the medal awarded. In the case of partially bottled wines, you have six months to order medals.
If you wish to order medals in either case, we first require two bottles of your wine.

Please send these bottles to the following address:

MUNDUS VINI Analysis 2023-1
Maximilianstraße 11
67433 Neustadt

Your samples will be analysed by an independent laboratory. Once we have received the results, we will inform you of the next steps.
If significant differences are identified between the initial sample and the subsequent analysis, we reserve the right to revoke the medal.


Can I submit a wine without the final label?
Yes. You may submit samples to us without the final label. Please affix a provisional label to the bottles that indicates the product name, AP/batch number and alcohol content.


How are the wines judged?
A specialist international judging panel comprising oenologists, winemakers, wine retailers, sommeliers and industry journalists will sample the wines, sparkling wines and liqueur wines in a series of blind tastings.
The wines are assigned to a tasting in accordance with their product category, quality class and flavour. They are then analysed using a system based on the international 100-point system of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), which is also recognised by the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE).


How can a wine win a MUNDUS VINI medal?
The number of products given an award in the competition is limited to 40 per cent of the participating samples with the highest scores in their respective category. Only the highest-scoring wines will be awarded a medal. Therefore, the minimum number of points required to win a medal may increase.

For the international judging panel to award a wine the SILVER medal, the wine must score at least 85 points.

For the international judging panel to award a wine the GOLD medal, the wine must score at least 90 points.

The GRAND GOLD award is only bestowed upon the very best wines. For the international judging panel to award a wine this medal, the wine must score at least 95 points.


When do I send the samples to MUNDUS VINI?
You can send your wines to us as soon as you have successfully registered your samples and printed out the product passes and parcel labels. The deadline for each tasting is published on our website. Please send us six bottles of each registered sample as soon as possible. Send us your samples as soon as you have registered them; do not wait for your invoice!


How many bottles are required for the tasting?
We need six 0.75 l bottles for each sample registered. For other containers and bottle sizes, we require at least three litres.


Where do I send the registered samples?
Bitte senden Sie uns Ihre registrierten Proben an folgende Adresse:

Maximilianstrasse 11
67433 Neustadt


What do I have to observe in terms of customs clearance?
If you are sending us wine from a third country (non-EU country), we kindly ask you to observe the following for hassle-free customs clearance:

Please affix a pro forma invoice, with a detailed product description, to the parcel.

The product description must include the number of bottles, volume per bottle, alcohol content, price per bottle and wine category (still wine, sparkling wine; red, white, rosé, etc.).

The invoice must include the following sentence: ‘This parcel contains free samples for a tasting. The goods are not for resale.’

The EORI number of MUNDUS VINI GmbH is DE5362369.


What happens to the bottles when they arrive?
Once we have assigned your consignment to the appropriate tasting, we check all the key details against our database. If you have sent us change requests in advance, these will be enclosed with your sample. We will then confirm receipt by email. We reserve the right to make changes to the details provided.

[for example: an internal batch number has been provided during registration, but does not match the number on the bottle or label. We will enter the batch number on the bottle into our database. (The wine inspection office of Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland-Pfalz inspects a random selection of the samples submitted. If this gives rise to discrepancies, the award given to the sample may be revoked.) It is not the product itself that is recognised, but the batch number tasted!]

Once we have checked the details against our system, we will store your wine horizontally, away from direct sunlight and at the appropriate temperature in one of our refrigerated storage facilities until the tasting begins.


How can I pay the registration fees?
We offer you several payment options in our shop. 
Firstly, you can pay the outstanding amount by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice.

You can also pay the invoice amount online, either via PayPal or by credit card.


When will I receive the invoice?
Once your samples have been registered, we will send you the invoice by email shortly afterwards. We will send the invoice to the email address provided during registration of the samples.



When will the results of the tasting be announced?
The results of the tasting will be sent to entrants by email in the week following the MUNDUS VINI event. Please note that the results will be sent to the email address that was used to register the samples.


What does the tasting result look like?
Once all results have been compiled, you will receive your result(s) by email shortly after the tasting. This email will contain a link to the results chart including an aroma wheel for each wine, a summary of points awarded, the objective tasting results and corresponding certificates.


How do I order MUNDUS VINI medals?
The order form is available on our website Select the tasting for which you wish to order medals and complete the order form by providing the details requested. You can use the order form to obtain self-adhesive labels or reproduction rights from us.

For details such as the sample ID or the award-winning batch number, please refer to your user profile on our website. Please return your completed order form to [email protected].

We will be happy to make the corresponding medals available for download free of charge so that you can use them for all your marketing activities, e.g. catalogue, price list, newsletter, website and social media. Here, you will once again find the medal order form. You will find a link to our media pack at the end of your results email.


Are other prizes awarded?
Yes, we also bestow special awards in addition to our standard medals.

Best of Show:

The best wine in each category (origin, grape variety, price category, business type, distribution channel) will be recognised with this additional award. If two wines in one category receive the same score, MUNDUS VINI GmbH reserves the right to call upon a panel of master judges to taste the wines again. In this way, only one wine can be named Best of Show per category. MUNDUS VINI The Grand International Wine Award also reserves the right not to give an award in any given year. The winner receives a certificate and the right to include the MUNDUS VINI ‘Best of Show’ medal on the label.

Best Grower/ Importer:

In order to be eligible for the Best Grower award, a grower must enter at least ten wines in the competition. For the Best Importer award, at least 20 wines have to be entered in the competition by the same importer.

At least 50% of the wines in the competition have to have been awarded a medal. In the event that two or more growers achieve the same average score for their samples, the grower with the most medals shall be named the winner.