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Kristy Sammis, CLEVER

If you're trying to attract the attention of the Millennials, you need to be on Instragram. You might need to recruit some influencers as well. Social media guru Kristy Sammis explains how to do it to Felicity Carter.

Josko Gravner. Photo by Simon Woolf
18. January 2019 - 12:00

As orange wines emerge on wine lists and retail shelves alike, Simon Woolf argues that orange is no fad, but a way to make some grapes sing.

The Tasting Zone at ProWein 2018
18. January 2019 - 11:00

This year ProWein celebrates its 25th year anniversary, having achieved a place at the centre of the international wine world.

18. January 2019 - 10:15

New figures show that wine drinking continues to grow in the US, even though overall alcohol consumption is declining. Sophie Kevany reports.

10. October 2006 - 13:00

by Ronald de Groot

Otto Lenselink, 56, sold his eponymous Dutch importing company to the Belgian enterprise Fourcroy in 1995. He stayed on as managing director in the

9. October 2006 - 13:00

by Michael Fridjhon

The annual auction of the Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG) is an event which has come to be regarded as a barometer of the health of the top-end of the

9. October 2006 - 13:00

by Bernard Burtschy

Château Fourcas Hosten, a Cru Bourgeois Supérieur in Listrac, has changed hands. Peter M. F. Sichel from New York, who is the also managing

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Victor de la Serna

Although against the European decision to condone the use of oak chips to flavour wine, the Consejo Regulador in Rioja plans to allow its

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Charles Metcalfe

I think we may have seen the best of the recent run of high prices, confided David Elswood at lunch after a sale of Finest & Rarest Wines on

8. October 2006 - 13:00

by Subhash Arora

Vijay Mallya, chairman of UB Group, the largest beer and spirit s company in India has announced his foray into the wine market. After failing to buy

7. October 2006 - 13:00

by Othmar Stäheli

After the bankruptcy of Swiss Wine Communication in July, a new company has been founded to promote Swiss wine both on the domestic market and