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Brent Marris by Helen Wrightson

Brent Marris has not only been part of the evolution of the modern New Zealand wine industry, he's also been responsible for launching three of the world's most successful brands. He speaks with Robert Joseph.

16. August 2018 - 9:45

When members of the wine trade lament the stratospheric increases in the prices of top wines, Robert Joseph wants to know what it is they're complaining about.

Tony Cleary, Lanchester
12. August 2018 - 15:30

Wine businesses across the world are facing questions of how and when to pass the business on to the next generation, says Rebecca Gibbs.

Brutal wine bar
12. August 2018 - 15:15

An innovative wine distributor has created a bar that is helping to change the wine landscape of Barcelona. Barnaby Eales reports.

29. July 2008 - 13:00

by Michael Fridjhon for

28. July 2008 - 13:00

by Kevin McCallum at the Press Democrat

28. July 2008 - 13:00

by Subhash Arora

India’s Four Seasons Wines Ltd., a subsidiary of beer baron Vijay Mallya’s UB group, is to offer contract farmers a stake in the company, as a way of solving a looming grape shortage. It will issue 500 equity shares at a preferential price for every acre of grapes committed to be supplied exclusively to the winery for the next 15 years.

27. July 2008 - 13:00

by Vanda Carson at the Sydney Morning Herald

27. July 2008 - 13:00

by Henry Samuel at The Daily Telegraph

26. July 2008 - 13:00

by Steven Erlanger at the International Herald Tribune

When an administrative court through out the reworked 2006 classification of Saint-Emilion, they threw the seven newly promoted winemakers into disarray. Now that the summer holidays are here, there has been no progress to rectify the situation.

25. July 2008 - 13:00

by Mathias Wildt at Thomson Reuters

Italy’s Prosecco makers are hoping that the wine’s growing international renown will help it gain ground over Champagne. Processo production has risen to 150m bottles, mainly driven by demand from Germany and the US - and winemakers are aiming to increase that to 250m bottles.