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While some in the wine trade search for rational formulae, Roger Morris reports that simple logic is often simply wrong. Price is in the mind of the buyer, not the seller.

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14. October 2018 - 14:15

An international survey into the effects of alcohol has revealed that Germans get more argumentative when drunk, while Swedes are more likely to get amorous.

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14. October 2018 - 13:15

The game of Monopoly, where players compete for real estate, has a lot to teach the wine industry, says Robert Joseph.

14. October 2018 - 13:00

The Madeira Wine Institute has created a novel scheme to help still wine production flourish on the island. Rui Falcão reports.

10. September 2008 - 13:00

by Sophie Kevany

The French wine sector has accused the French government of ‘legal injustice’ over the banning of alcohol promotion on the Internet. Wine producer unions from across the country have created two hard-hitting images in support of their argument and have written a strong letter of protest which will be sent to the government this week.

10. September 2008 - 13:00

by Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Effective 26 August 2008, all duty on wine and beer was eliminated in Macau. The move mimics Hong Kong’s much publicized duty elimination in February 2008. Officials from Macau’s Economic Services Bureau and Consumption Tax

9. September 2008 - 13:00

by Felicity Carter

British wine writer Charles Metcalfe has won the Louis Roederer International Wine Book of the Year 2008 award for his self-published Wine & Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal, which he wrote with his wife, Kathryn McWhirter.

9. September 2008 - 13:00

by Darrel Joseph

The Vinea Wachau association of wine producers from Austria´s Wachau region has awarded its twenty-second Steinfeder Prize to Madeleine Jakits, the editor-in-chief of Germany´s Feinschmecker and Wein Gourmet magazines.

8. September 2008 - 13:00

by Meininger’s Wine Business International

South African wine exports have broken all records and are soaring in spite of the international economic slowdown, according to Su Birch, the director of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), in a recent press release. Over 363m litres

7. September 2008 - 13:00

by Meininger’s Wine Business International

Australian wine exports to Asia showed solid value growth in the year ending August 2008, increasing by 6% to A$262m (€149m), according to statistics just released by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. That growth resulted

6. September 2008 - 13:00

by Kevin McCallum at the Press Democrat

One of the earliest grape harvests on record in Sonoma County also is shaping up to be one of the shortest, as vinters scramble to haul in an early, rapidly ripening crop. Scorching temperatures and fogless mornings are rapidly ripening the light crop, challenging crews to get the grapes off the vine and into local wineries.