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Although wines in cans have been around for more than a decade, Liza B. Zimmerman says their moment has finally come.

10. November 2006 - 12:00

by Joel B. Payne and Bernard Burtschy

9. November 2006 - 12:00

by Hervé Lalau and Bernard Burtschy

9. November 2006 - 12:00

by eljko Suhadolnik

9. November 2006 - 12:00

by Ned Goodwin

Despite a penchant for brands and a tendency to treat wine as a symbol of hushed reverence, the market for alternative packaging in Japan is

8. November 2006 - 12:00

by Luis Antunes

Only a few short years ago there were numerous exotic little regions of production in southeastern Portugal such as

Borba, Reguengos, Évora, Moura and Portalegre. Eight years after their reorganisation into the single Denominação de Origem Controlada around the name Alentejo, the region is making a serious effort to increase their exports in terms of volume, value and number of destinations.

8. November 2006 - 12:00

by Michèle Shah

7. November 2006 - 12:00

by Daniel Lopez Roca

Caucasia Wine Thinking from Mendoza presented a sober study on recent exports earlier this week. Perhaps it most interesting aspect was the

7. November 2006 - 12:00

by Robert Gorjak

Things did not start well for the Slovenian vintners in the spring of 2006. It was cool and damp all over the country - and vegetation two weeks late. June and July

were hot and dry. In less well managed vineyards vines showed little vigour. August brought another surprise, with unusually low temperature and high rainfall. September, though, was perfectly warm and dry.

7. November 2006 - 12:00

by James Halliday

6. November 2006 - 12:00

by Richard Grosche