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Oregon/Janis Miglavs

The fourth biggest wine producing state in the US, Oregon is becoming renowned for its fine wines. Liza B. Zimmerman gives an overview.

24. November 2006 - 12:00

by Charles Metcalfe

23. November 2006 - 12:00

by Subhash Arora

The European Union formally initiated on Monday the process to take its dispute with India over the wine and spirits duty regime to the World Trade Organisation, even as the government said attempts to resolve the issue amicably

23. November 2006 - 12:00

by Chantal Chi

Grace vineyard, one of the most well-known wineries in China, was dealt unusual weather conditions in 2006. After a rarely seen snowstorm in April damaged the vines, August was rainy, which affected production. Although sufficient sunshine in

22. November 2006 - 12:00

by Dr. Hermann Pilz and Richard Grosche

While wine exports to Germany were on the whole slightly below the previous year, imports from the New World reached a record high. Spain and France suffered the biggest losses. Italy is still number one in volume and value.

22. November 2006 - 12:00

by Elissaveta Velianova

The Salon de Vin took place for a fifth time in Sofia between 15th and 18th November. It was promoted as the only professional wine exhibition in Sofia, the most important market in Bulgaria for both producers and importers. The fair brought

21. November 2006 - 12:00

by Robert Gorjak

20. November 2006 - 12:00

by Hervé Lalau

Jeanjean has moved again beyond the Languedoc and just purchased the Bordeaux shipper Antoine Moueix Lebègue, a family business founded in Saint Emilion in 1828. Although Antoine Moueix Lebègue exploits 250 hectares of vineyard in

19. November 2006 - 12:00

by Yair Koren

Although picking began in late July, the 2006 vintage in Israel lasted until mid November, illustrating the enormous differences in microclimates in this small country. Yields were very low, particularly in the Judean Hills and Samson regions.

18. November 2006 - 12:00

by Charles Metcalfe

Silence has fallen since last weekend s Sunday Telegraph s article suggesting a merrier Christmas than ever . The article predicted a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on November 23 that would sweep away all import taxes on alcohol and cigarettes .

18. November 2006 - 12:00

by Michèle Shah

On November the 14th, the Italian Minister for Agriculture Paolo de Castro signed a decree which bans wood chips in all of Italy DOC's and DOCG's, "so as to protect the high quality of our products." According to de Castro, there is no need for wood chips: "Italian wine exports have increased by 500 million Euros over the past 5 year, without them - and there are other ways to improve the competitiveness of the sector without altering the product."