Perspectives: selling wine in Poland

Sunday, 16. September 2018 - 16:30

Konrad Korzeniewski   
category manager, Eurocash

Sales-ready wine module Faktoria Win now offered at 4,700 mini markets and grocery shops: about 800,000 cases per year

Producers are always welcome to approach us with an offer. Send a catalogue and price list with visualisations of your product and we will analyse the potential before asking for samples. 

AC Nielsen lists the average retail price of a bottle of wine in Poland at zł18.30 ($5.00) but our ambition is to grow in the zł20 to zł30 category. There is much variation between the larger cities, where new categories such as sparkling and premium sparkling, including Champagne, are booming, and what we call “Poland B”, the smaller provincial towns where people like their wines sweeter and you need to be more realistic about price. 

The old stereotypes about closure are no longer valid. Consumers even at the lower end have embraced screwcaps, especially for mainstream styles. Where cork remains strong is in restaurants.

We look to create trends or join them. There is definitely a growing interest in local grape varieties and more exotic origins such as Eastern and Southern Europe. Organic wines are a trend, and vegan is becoming increasingly important. We are also seeing an increase in alcohol-free wines, so offering those products within your range is a big plus. We are also foreseeing growth in New World wines, where our offer has traditionally been less strong. Now is the time to think about Poland if you make wine in Chile or Argentina.

Because we have a standardised merchandising solution, the visual impact of the different products really affects sales. We monitor this continually and will proactively work with producers to improve or change the packaging if we are convinced it is necessary. Some producers are less flexible, but thanks to our sales volumes, we usually get our message across. 
Interview by Wojciech Bońkowsk

This was part of the Perspectives series of interviews conducted for Issue 4, 2018 of Meininger's Wine Business International.