The New World shines at MUNDUS VINI

Friday, 7. September 2018 - 16:45

Wines from Australia, Chile, New Zealand, the USA and Argentina swept the field at this year’s MUNDUS VINI summer tasting, claiming 3 Grand Gold, 81 Gold and 101 Silver medals.

The most successful New World producers of the Summer Tastings were wines from Casella Family Brands, makers of Yellow Tail, who won 1 Grand Gold, 14 Gold and 11 Silver medals. Close behind were Delicato Family Vineyards from California with 2 Gold and 8 Silver medals.

But the Europeans also shone, with Italy winning the country competition for the best wines, with an impressive tally of 483 medals, followed by Spain with 309 medals and Germany with 293. Portugal claimed 154 medals, while France went home with 114 medals.

Altogether, there were 4,311 wines tasted and rated by 175 judges from 40 countries. As in previous years, the competition is a snapshot of what’s happening globally, with wines from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Taiwan and Thailand all winning awards. The number of orange wines rose as well, with some superb examples appearing.

This year, the Summer Tasting introduced a new feature: the Wine Export Meeting. On Friday afternoon, after the tasting was finished, German and other interested producers were invited to hear some of the judges present on their own wine markets. Alex Berkley, owner of Alobar Imports in the USA; Tor Sigfred Frostmo, owner of Barrique – Vin in Norway; Mi Yeun Hong, a noted wine writer from South Korea and Subhash Arora, president of the Indian Wine Academy, among others, gave a snapshot of the wine markets in their countries, and outlined possible wine importing opportunities.

The reception was so positive, that the Wine Export Meeting is set to become a regular feature of MUNDUS VINI.

The next MUNDUS VINI competition will be held in February. All the results from the Summer Tasting are available here.