A new chapter for fine Australian wines

Sunday, 27. January 2019 - 7:30

Australian winemakers enter 2019 in a strong position, as newly released figures show that Australian wine exports grew strongly in 2018. Overall, wine exports increased 10% in value and 5% in volume, suggesting that international markets are increasingly interested in premium Australian wines.

“These figures demonstrate strong international demand and they highlight how Australian wine exporters have worked diligently to develop and maintain international markets,” said Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine Australia. “This demand translated into growth in almost all price segments.”

Exports increased in value to A$2.82 billion ($2.02 billion) free-on-board, to the year ending 31 December 2018. Volumes reached 94m 9-litre cases. Notably, bottled wine shipments increased 7% in value and 3% in volume, suggesting the world is happy to buy Australia’s premium wine offerings. Red wine continues to be the most popular style.

Sales to Northeast Asia grew by 19%; Europe grew by 7%, Southeast Asia grew by 3%, and the Middle East grew by a whopping 36%, albeit from a small base. The US market, which has been declining for Australia, fell by 0.1%.