Moët & Chandon US show what digital can do

Thursday, 21. December 2017 - 15:45

Moët Hennessy’s US branch is going digital this Christmas season, by entering both the games and artificial intelligence space.

Moët & Chandon have launched a Snapchat game called “Moët & Chandon Tower Toss”, created in honour of their role in creating the Champagne tower concept. Players shoot a Champagne cork at a virtual, four-layer Champagne tower, with the aim of landing in the single glass at the top. Players have ten seconds to land their corks. According to Digiday, Moët has advertised the game with paid ads on Snapchat Discover. Digiday quote Christine Ngo Isaac, Moët & Chandon’s US marketing director and head of US consumer engagement, as saying that “We don’t want to just buy people’s attention through media – we want to get their attention naturally, in a customized way.” She went on to say that Snapchat has done a “good job in building a customer experience outside of traditional advertising”. The ads target people over 25.

The game was developed by the Attention agency, who say it’s Snapchat’s first two-player game. Players must enter their birthdates before playing. As for why Snapchat, Digiday report that Ngo Isaac said that Moët has found its target group – millennials aged between 30 and 34 – on Snapchat, which is no longer a platform purely for teenagers.

Moët has also created an interactive Instagram experience, which will allow users to decide which content will show up on its social feeds, according to a report in Holiday content will be crowd sourced via Instagram’s new polls feature. Not only that, but crowd-sourced ingredients will be used to create a custom Moet cocktail.

The company also announced earlier this month that it had collaborated with Amazon’s Alexa technology to “help everyday consumers become Champagne connoisseurs in their own homes,” according to a press statement. The new digital offering, called Bottles and Bubbles, will offer “tips and educational lessons, which range from recommended Champagne pairings, moments to celebrate, and how to pronounce Moët Hennessy Champagnes”. Once they have enabled the app, consumers can say, “Alexa, open Bottles and Bubbles” and “engage with six areas of conversational and educational content,” from food pairings to Champagne-inspired play lists. Developed by the rehab agency, Bottles and Bubbles is only available in the US.