Issue 3 is out now!

Sunday, 1. July 2018 - 15:15

The third issue of Meininger’s Wine Business International is out now - and we will air mail it to you, no matter where you are in the world.

Inside this jam-packed issue you’ll find:

Information about Key Export Markets

  • What's happening in Norway
    Liora Levi reveals what Norwegian wine lovers are looking for.
  • How to Holland
    What you need to know to tackle this European import market.
  • The big names in Scandinavian wine communication
    Who are the most influential wine communicators? Our authors explain how the wine media works in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Wine Trends

  • italy's great white hopes
  • Sagrantino emerges
  • Tokay and the potential for greatness
  • The priest, the vineyard and the wine

Useful Things

  • A look at why the world is sending its wine to German bottlers
  • Succession planning for the wine business

Interesting Reading

  • Barcelona turns natural
  • A new laser therapy holds out hope for no more tainted bottles
  • The change that will upend the wine industry in the next decade

And this is just a sample of what’s on offer. If you’d like to read more, you can buy a single copy of Issue 3, 2018 here, for just €22.00.

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