The first issue of the year is out - with a difference

Thursday, 28. February 2019 - 14:45

The first issue of Meininger’s Wine Business International is out and regular readers will notice some differences.

Not only do we have more pictures and infographics, but the typography has changed.

Why does this matter?
Believe it or not, font and spacing make a big difference to reading comprehension, because words that are closer together can be harder to read and understand. An article on a crowded page will seem more difficult than an article that has plenty of “breathing space” around it.

A growing number of our readers hail from parts of the world that don’t use the Latin alphabet as their primary means of communication. So to make life easier for everybody, we’ve opened up the space on the page, and added more graphics.

Although we would never dumb down our content, the changes will make everything easier to take in and remember.

What hasn’t changed
The magazine still has the same number of articles, and we still offer the same in-depth market information as always.

For example, in the current issue, we reveal Who’s Who in Germany, from retailers to importers to top sommeliers; Who’s Who in Guangzhou; and who the Buyers of Ontario are. (These and similar articles do not go online and are available to subscribers only.)

There are also plenty of articles about what’s going on in the world, many articles offering marketing advice, and some that are just plain fascinating, like Michaela Morris’s intriguing story about the strange new phenomenon striking Sangiovese.

What’s coming up
Our new website will launch in the second quarter of this year, along with our new podcast. We are also in the process of putting our archive online, and making it easy to search.

Subscribers will be table to take full advantage of everything we offer. If you'd like to get in now, subscribe here.

Or to get a taste of what we do, sign up for the weekly newsletter.

And, as always, we’re always happy to hear feedback and suggestions from readers.
Felicity Carter