Best of Riesling
Best of Riesling

Welcome to Meiningers Best of Riesling

The international Best of Riesling competition has been on the market since 2000 - a true perennial favourite with "probably the largest Riesling sample in the world".

The competition looks back on a long history. It is firmly anchored in the wine industry and among the interested public as the Riesling World Championship.

Like no other grape variety, Riesling reflects the special character of the respective vintage, the terroir and the signature of its winery. Such a wine is not just a luxury food, it tells the story of a year - and just as every year is different, so is the Riesling. The diversity of the vineyards, the climatic conditions as well as the philosophies of the winegrowers are expressed in an overwhelming variety of Riesling wines. Anyone who thinks they know Riesling is mistaken: Riesling is definitely one of those grape varieties that never gets boring and can reliably surprise. Riesling delights with the enormous range of wines it is capable of producing. 


The link to register your samples is expected to be published at in March 2022.


Show your masterpieces

The cooperation of the two competitions Best of Riesling and ProRiesling Erzeugerpreis, launched in 2015 under the motto "Show your masterpieces", has been a complete success. In 2022, this project will again offer a platform that is open to Riesling producers from all growing regions of the world and allows for clear communication for the winemakers' marketing and the press.

Two competitions - one participation

Through the cooperation of both competitions, you have the opportunity to participate in two awards at the same time with one entry.

ProRiesling Producer Award:
Best Riesling Producer

Best of Riesling:
First to third place winners are determined in each category. In addition, if the wine is awarded 87 points, the number of points achieved may be printed on the



In each category, the first to third place winners will be awarded. In addition, you have the possibility to award medals with your received score (from 87 points). This score can be referred to in the equipment, as it is an officially recognised competition.


Best of Riesling Special Award:

bester trockener Steillagenriesling
bester trockener Riesling aus der Neuen Welt
bester trockener europäischer Riesling
bester trockener Riesling im LEH

Pro Riesling Erzeuger Preis:
Riesling-Erzeuger of the Year ranked 1 - 3


Best of Riesling - the medals
Best of Riesling - the medals