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Meininger Verlag is one of the well-known media organizations in the international wine and beverage industry. For more than a hundred years, the publishing house based in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse has stood for independent and reputable journalism, dealing with all aspects of professional wine trade in Germany and in German-speaking countries.

With the trade magazines WEINWIRTSCHAFT, DEUTSCHE WEINBAU, GETRÄNKEZEITUNG, the consumer magazine WEINWELT and since 2006 with the international trade journal WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL, Meininger Verlag is at home in all relevant wine and beverage markets worldwide. For decades, the various editorial offices have carried out product tests of all relevant wine assortments, in particular the assortments of the specialized wine trade and the different distribution forms of the food trade.

The Meininger publishing house offers an important orientation in the market with the MW Meininger wine tasting, which also has a high relevance for end consumers and at the same time promotes the fair competition among the wine suppliers. In the future, MEININGERS WEINTEST will provide the framework for the evaluation and awarding of wines, which also allows the labels to be marked for labeling.

MEININGERS WEINTEST is open for still wines of all kinds as well as sparkling wines, quality sparkling wines, sparkling wines and other wine products, which correspond to the legal manufacturing and designation regulations of the respective country of origin and / or the regulations of the European community.


The evaluation of the products shall be carried out by means of a sensory examination by an expert panel.


Each wine must be registered with a fully completed product pass. You can find the product pass under

Sample Submission

To perform the quality inspection, the applicant submits three sample bottles per employment.

Sensory Test

The sensory examination takes place in a covert tasting by a technically adept examination board. The rating is based on the 100-point scheme of the International Oenologists Association.


After the evaluation of the wine by Meininger's wine test issued a test report. This indicates the determined quality and the approved test result. The test certificate authorizes the applicant to use the label in accordance with the statutory provisions in the labeling of the product.


The awards are:

                         Good                                            Very Good                                      Outstanding

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