Protection- and hygiene concept



Keep your distance.
In public areas, please maintain the legal minimum distance of 1.5 m from other event participants. Distance markings and pathways provide orientation.



We take care of hygiene.
All contact surfaces such as door handles, counter surfaces, toilet surfaces, catering surfaces, etc. are regularly cleaned and disinfected by us.



We preserve etiquette.
Please sneeze and cough in the crook of your arm. Preferably at a minimum distance of 1.5 m and away from other people.


Kein Körperkontakt

Contact without physical contact.
Politeness does not need hand-shakes. Please refrain from shaking hands and physical contact during your visit to the event.



Pay attention to your hand hygiene.
In all areas, sufficient disinfectant dispensers for hand hygiene are available to event participants.



This is how gastronomy works.
The general rules of gastronomy apply in the restaurant and at the catering stands. Please do not remove your mouth-nose cover until you have taken your seat.



Protect the others.
Access to the events is only permitted to persons in good general health and without symptoms of illness.



We provide fresh air.
The existing ventilation systems ensure a regular exchange of air in the premises.

You can download the hygiene concept here.