The wines awarded at the 31st MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award come from a total of 33 wine-growing nations and were blind-tasted and professionally assessed by a 130-strong international jury of experts.

Almost 250 German sparkling wine producers took part in the Meininger’s Deutscher Sektpreis (for German sparkling wines from traditional bottle fermentation only), which took place for the eighth time in 2022.  The best collection was provided by the Sekthaus Raumland, which represents the benchmark for German  sparkling wine  with eleven award-winning sparkling wines and an average score of almost 93.

During a festive award ceremony, the best Rieslings of this year's competition were honoured. Patroness Minister Daniela Schmitt personally congratulates the winemakers.

During the world's leading trade fair ProWein in Düsseldorf, the awards for the best rosé wines of 2022 were presented. Rosé wine is the trend theme of the year and convinces with increasing qualities. In total, just over 300 rosé wines convinced the jury of experts this year and were awarded a medal.

Excellent wine qualities honoured at the 30th Great International Wine Award

At the now 13th edition of the Grand International Organic Wine Award, nearly 500 organic wines from 13 countries faced the international jury of experts in the competition in mid-January.

A wide variety of spirits categories from all over the world were represented at the ISW November Tasting. More than 80 products were tasted, of which 23 were awarded a Gold Medal and one was awarded Grand Gold. Two special awards went to the Aquavit and the Tequila of the Year.

Wines from all over the world shine at the Grand International Wine Award

The result: 36 wines were awarded the highest and rare distinction of Grand Gold, 971 wines were awarded Gold and 811 wines were awarded Silver.

German sparkling wines of the year 2021 awarded // Griesel Sekt wins award for the best "sparkling wine collection" for the first time

The world of rum is more diverse than ever. This is shown by the almost 170 entries for the July tasting at Meininger's International Spirit Award. A tricky affair for the tasters, who in the end were able to award 33 gold and 18 silver medals.

Trendy Helles and classic export beer in focus // Titles for the best beers go to Brauhaus Faust, Lillebräu and Schwarzbräu


New territory at the ISW: For the first time, the Meininger International Spirits Award ISW was dedicated to the combination of spirit and matching filler at the June tasting. The search was on for the perfect matches for gin with different tonic waters. More than 150 combinations of nearly 30 different gins with six different tonics from the Schweppes and Goldberg brands came to the table of the tasters, who rated 25 of them as perfect match.

Winners come from the Palatinate, Franconia, Württemberg, Mittelrhein and Mosel / Rieslings from Austria, Australia and the Czech Republic impress

The best Rieslings of the year were honoured today at the digital awards ceremony. A total of over 2,400 Rieslings from all over the world once again faced a jury of experts.

First International Rosé Award in Germany / Over 1,000 rosé wines put to the competition / Ferry Lacombe Diffusion is France’s best rosé producer

ISW awards the best fruit brandies, fruit spirits and fruit liqueurs / Seven special prizes awarded / Cointreau is fruit liqueur of the year