80180 Meiningers International Spirits Award ISW 2018

Tasting date: 
26.06.2018 to 27.06.2018
Number of bottles: 
Participation fee: 
150.00 € (VAT excluded)

Hosted by MUNDUS VINI GmbH, the International Spirits Award ISW is a German-based international competition for spirits, fine brandy, liqueurs, fruit wines and mixed drinks from around the world. The aim of this competition is to promote the quality and marketing of the products submitted. An independent, neutral and professional assessment of the products is made by an international jury and this guarantees the reputable and professional nature of the competition.

This gives the medals awarded by ISW, the award-winning products and their producers a high accolade.

More information on the competition you find at the link www.spirits-award.com.

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