8. December 2021

Awards for the best distilleries and spirits of the year
Prestigious awards go to Lantenhammer, Sibona, BOAR, Cointreau, Heaven's Door and Kirsch Import

1. December 2021

A wide variety of spirits categories from all over the world were represented at the ISW November Tasting. More than 80 products were tasted, of which 23 were awarded a Gold Medal and one was awarded Grand Gold. Two special awards went to the Aquavit and the Tequila of the Year.

28. October 2021

Aroma diversity around vodka and grain at the ISW
In October, Meininger's International Spirits Award was dedicated to a long-established underdog of the spirits world. A good 80 different vodka, grain and other grain spirits were tasted blind as usual and judged according to the ISW scheme. Of these, 16 were awarded a gold medal and eleven a silver medal.

30. September 2021

Mixed drinks and fruit wines set trends

The categories mixed drinks and fruit wines were the topic of the September tasting of the Meininger's International Spirits Award this year. Old favourites and surprisingly unconventional newcomers convinced the jury.

24. August 2021

The Whisk(e)y World at ISW

Golden times for the whisk(e)y market and a Herculean task for the jury of Meininger's International Spirits Award ISW. Almost 200 whisk(e)ys from all parts of the world filled the glasses of the spirits experts - 59 of which were awarded a medal.

29. July 2021

The world of rum is more diverse than ever. This is shown by the almost 170 entries for the July tasting at Meininger's International Spirit Award. A tricky affair for the tasters, who in the end were able to award 33 gold and 18 silver medals.