Special publications

Not all of our special publications are published in english language. "Families of Wine" and "The 45 -500" are two english publications. If you would like to see all of the special publications, please visit our german site.  



Wine is enjoyment, passion and hard work. But how hard this work really is, which philosophy a winery pursues and which stories it can tell is mostly hidden. In Families of Wine, we want to introduce the people behind the production. Get to know the extraordinary stories and old family traditions that make wine so special.


THE 45 - 500

These steep and high altitude viticultural landscapes also impart unique, place-specific character to the wines harvested from them. Extreme terroir yields extraordinary wines that truly speak of an exceptional place. The first edition of Meiningers “The 45-500 – wines from steep and high altitude sites” is our first exploration into wines that grow either on steep slopes with an incline of more than 45% or in vineyards situated higher than 500 metres above sea level. Our journey begins this year with Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Chile, Argentina and Australia.