Weinwirtschaft Top 100 2022

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02.11.2022 - 03.11.2022
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Weinwirtschaft Top 100 2022

The end of the year is approaching. Time for the wine industry to determine the most successful wines of the year, as it has done in recent years. Inclusion in the hit list of the 100 wines of the year is seen as a reward for great work throughout the year. Only those who succeed in achieving equally very good quality and a considerable sales volume on the German market have a chance to assert themselves among the 100 most successful wines of the year.

The following information is particularly important:

The sales volume in Germany in bottles in the last 12 months (please use the field "production volume in bottles" in the product passport),
The recommended retail price (without which the price-quality ratio cannot be determined), 
The main sales channel (FH, LEH, ex farm or mail order). You will find a corresponding field in the product passport, as well as
A minimum sales volume of 10,000 bottles in the last 12 months in Germany (estimated or extrapolated).

As in previous years, the evaluation of the wines is made up of the following four criteria:

Criterion 1: Quality

Top priority is given to the quality of the product. Every wine has to prove this in a blind tasting in early November (except champagne).

Criterion 2: The price-quality ratio

Criterion 3: Market significance

The 100 Wines of the Year must be correspondingly widely distributed, after all, we want to choose the 100 most successful wines in the German wine market. Therefore, as last year, we have decided on a minimum sales volume in the last 12 months in Germany (estimated or extrapolated) of 10,000 bottles. The bigger the sales volume, the more points.

Criterion 4: Image, marketing, overall concept

We cannot consider wines for which any of the following information is missing, as this will be included in the evaluation criteria: recommended retail price; (estimated) sales volume in 2022 in Germany in bottles (please enter this value in the "Lot size" field).

Please note:

Wineries / cooperatives / bottlers may submit 2 products each. Importers may submit 2 products per winery, but a maximum of 12 in total.

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