Test di Comparazione Qualitativa Cooperative / Cantine Sociali Italiane

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Italian Cooperatives/Social Wine Cellars Qualitative Comparison Test

The Editors of the German magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT invite the best Italian Cooperatives/Social Wine Cellars to participate in the qualitative comparison test.

The choice of the Cooperatives/Social Wine Cellars admitted to participate has been made on the basis of: tastings carried out in previous years, activity on the German market and value/importance of the same in the respective area of origin.

All wines submitted for tasting must be currently on sale and on the market until at least September 2023.

Two bottles of each type of wine must be submitted.
Participation in the tasting for the selected Cooperatives/Social Cellars is free of charge.
The 20 best Cooperatives/Social Cellars will receive a certificate.

Wines received after the above-mentioned deadline as well as those sent without electronic pre-registration ("webpass") will be excluded from the tasting.
Submitted samples remain the property of Meininger Verlag GmbH.


Each Cooperative/Cooperative Winery wishing to participate must provide 6 wines as per the categories below:

1) three "best seller" wines
the three best-selling wines from its assortment (in 0.75 l bottles): it is imperative to indicate the recommended consumer price, including taxes

2) two wines from the top line (Top-Segment)
two dry wines of your choice (white, red or rosé): the best that the Cooperative/Cantina Sociale produces; again, it is absolutely necessary to indicate the recommended consumer price, taxes included

3) one 'Regional Speciality' wine
an additional wine of your choice, a typical regional speciality of the Cooperative/Cantina Sociale; in this case too, it is absolutely necessary to indicate the price to the consumer (taxes included)

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