WEINWIRTSCHAFT is seen by trade insiders as the most important, most reliable and most extensive source of information for traders in wine, sparkling wine and Champagne. This specialist magazine has served as the professional expert of the sector for decades. Food and beverage retailers everywhere who aim to use wine to optimise their product range frequently look to WEINWIRTSCHAFT as a basis for making their strategic decisions. The publication also responds to requests for advice from sector participants, thereby strengthening the ties between the publication and its readers.

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As the official organ of the German Viniculture Association (Deutscher Weinbauverband, DWV) and its regional member associations, DER DEUTSCHE WEINBAU is essential reading for all those who produce and market wine. The specialist content ranges from vineyard techniques, optimum cellar management and wine-making, to questions relating to marketing management. As the newsletter of the German Committee for Viniculture Technology (Ausschuss für Technik im Weinbau, ATW), DER DEUTSCHE WEINBAU also plays a leading role in the field of research and application.

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Getränke Zeitung Cover 1-2 (Foto: Trifonenko Ivan - stock.adobe.com)

GETRÄNKE ZEITUNG is the trade journal of choice for all decision-makers involved in the buying and selling of beverages. GETRÄNKE ZEITUNG's readership includes managers from beverage wholesaling, food retailing, the beverage sector and beverage importers (source: EMNID study).

As well as offering an up-to-date section with concise information, news and accounts of current events in the market, GETRÄNKE ZEITUNG also focuses on extensive background reports on developments in the individual beverage segments, as well as on shop reports, research findings and individual company portraits. Other established features of the publication are its special issues dealing with major sector events and panel discussions with leading figures from industry and trade.

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Meiningers CRAFT 1/21 (Foto: Philipp Trocha)

With MEININGERS CRAFT, the Meininger Verlag (publisher) is dedicating a stand-alone publication to the theme of beer culture for the first time. The magazine is published four times a year and is aimed at the entire beer community, such as brewers and brew artists, beer sommeliers, distributors, restaurateurs and beer-keepers, as well as beer enthusiasts and end consumers who are interested in beer, great taste and lifestyle.

Three specialist editors pack exciting news and content about beer into the magazine. The focus is on large brewers, small brewers, exotic brewers, crazy brewers, courageous brewers, contentious issues, opinions, success concepts, news, trends, events, the international scene and players, as well as tastings, tips and tricks.

In short: it is about makers, markets and brands.

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MEININGERS WEINWELT is a special-interest magazine for wine connoisseurs and new enthusiasts. The target group looks for information on the right wines, presented in a clear, unpretentious manner. MEININGERS WEINWELT offers exactly what wine lovers are looking for: addresses, prices, practical guides, and diverse tips relating to wine – all with a view to aiding purchase decisions. MEININGERS WEINWELT readers are given a well-rounded insight into the world of wines and valuable tips for buying them from specialist dealers, mail order retailers or directly from wine-growers. Needless to say, MEININGERS WEINWELT is by no means restricted to wines. Rather, it looks at it within a variety of different contexts – for example travel, gastronomy, connoisseur products and many other areas that are of interest and importance for the target group.

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Meiningers Sommelier Ausgabe 3 - 2019

MEININGERS SOMMELIER is a service magazine for sommeliers and restaurateurs focusing primarily on wine, spirits, beverages and related connoisseur products. As the official publication of the German Sommelier Union (Sommelier-Union Deutschland), it brings together the members of the Union, upmarket bars, restaurants and hotels, and producers and importers of high-quality wines and other beverages.

The MEININGERS SOMMELIER places particular emphasis on practical value. It focuses mainly on concentrated information about wine-growing areas, recommended wines and producers, expert knowledge and training, practical advice on combining wines and food, beverage and cigar expertise and cellar management.

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fizzz 01/2020: Walid El-Sheikh, Düsseldorf

FIZZZ is the magazine for opinion leaders in the sector. Future-oriented themes are the basis for the crucial information needed by current and future top players to shape the market with their ideas. FIZZZ centres on innovative bar and restaurant concepts in Germany and abroad.

This is supplemented by service themes that provide bar and restaurant owners with practical pointers about management, technology, food ideas, design trends and product expertise. Sales figures, background knowledge and product know-how relating to drinks of all kinds give readers up-to-date insight into the beverage market. Information on consumer trends, sector news and events make FIZZZ a truly comprehensive specialist magazine.

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Cover eurodecor 02/2020

EURODECOR is the trade journal for all products relating to the interior decorating trade. EURODECOR provides you with precise, professional information that is always up-to-date.

EURODECOR enjoys close proximity to service providers, retailers and decision-makers in the sector. EURODECOR contains valuable information that will give you the edge in your everyday business. With its unique format and content, EURODECOR can help you stand out from the crowd.

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WBI issue 01-2019

MEININGER'S WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL is the world's only genuinely international wine trade magazine. It is read in over 40 countries and provides decision makers in the international wine trade with a comprehensive overview of the wine sector worldwide.

Extensive reports on new and emerging markets are given by recognised experts who are either resident in or have a detailed knowledge of the areas in question. Over 30 correspondents follow developments in such diverse markets as China, Australia, the UK, Brazil and Russia as well as smaller markets such as Korea and Bulgaria.

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