Press release

Meininger Verlag
14. October 2020 - 7:00

As part of its "International Wine Conference" in Düsseldorf yesterday evening, Meininger Verlag presented its coveted "Excellence in Wine and Spirit" awards to outstanding personalities and families in the international wine and spirits industry.

Meiningers Rotweinpreis
8. October 2020 - 11:45

The best German red wines were honoured today at a virtual awards ceremony for Meininger's Red Wine Award 2020. The Rings winery is awarded "Collection of the Year 2020”.

2. September 2020 - 9:00

Wines from all over the world impress the expert jury // Summer Tasting successfully carried out under strict hygiene conditions



Meiningers Deutscher Sektpreis
6. August 2020 - 11:30

The best German sparkling wines were honoured today at a virtual award ceremony. A total of 327 German sparkling wines from traditional bottle fermentation convinced the jury at the 6th Meininger's German Sparkling Wine Award.

Craft Beer Award
22. July 2020 - 17:00

The best beers of 2020 // Brauerei-Gasthof Kundmüller and Brauerei Schützengarten are the best craft brewers // Outstanding beers from Germany and Switzerland

7. July 2020 - 16:00

Gin trend continues // German whisky triumphs
"Spirits of the Year" awarded at a virtual awards ceremony

The Spirits of the Year 2020 were presented today during a live virtual award ceremony. A total of 314 spirits were honoured by the jury of the 17th Meininger's International Spirits Award ISW competition, held in Germany.

best of riesling
18. June 2020 - 12:45

Best of Riesling 2020: The best Rieslings of the year present themselves (digital)

The best Rieslings of the year were presented today in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (Germany). The world's largest international Riesling competition honored the best in a virtual awards ceremony. This year, a total of 2,017 wines from all the great and important Riesling growing regions of the world were tasted and evaluated.

26. February 2020 - 15:00

Australia number one in overseas category // Kilikanoon Wines once again the best Australian winery // Over 330 award-winning wines

18. February 2020 - 9:00

Impressive statistics at the MUNDUS VINI Spring Tasting: 7,500 wines submitted from all over the world // 268 jurors from 54 countries taste the entries in a concealed manner

13. February 2020 - 14:15

From strength to strength: Fattoria La Vialla is the best organic wine producer (international), whereas the prize for best national organic wine producer goes to Schwarztrauber