Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

Record number of entries for the six day competition

Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

Record number of entries for the six day competition

Foto: Ralf Ziegler/AdLumina

153 medals for New World wines // Tremendous variety among the winning wines

Mireia Torres Maczassek / Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

278 medals for wines from abroad

Robert Joseph and Felicity Carter / Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

186 medals for wines from abroad

Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

Exceptional qualities at the 18th Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI


Over the four days of the 17th MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award at the start of September an international jury of 150 experts awarded 33 "Grand Gold" medals, with a further 768 wines being awarded Gold medals and 858 winning Silver.

MUNDUS VINI Frühjahrsverkostung: Deutsche Winzer mit höchsten Bewertungen

The results of the MUNDUS VINI 2015 springtasting


The MUNDUS VINI International Wine Award opened in early September with around 4,500 wines from around the world. The 164-member international jury sampled wines from 42 countries and awarded 33 Grand Gold medals, 935 Gold and 1,004 Silver medals.


The results of the spring tasting MUNDUS VINI 2014


For the thirteenth time, over the course of two weekends at the end of August and beginning of September, over 6,000 wines were tested, judged and given awards in Neustadt an der Weinstraße by an international panel of almost 250 wine experts from 45 different countries.


The world’s best wines were once again selected at the twelfth MUNDUS VINI Great International Wine Awards. Over six days, 300 experienced wine experts from 46 countries around the world used their finely tuned noses and palates to scrupulously sample 6,019 wines in order to verify their internationally recognized qualities.


The results of MUNDUS VINI 2011


The results of MUNDUS VINI 2010


The results of MUNDUS VINI 2009


The results of MUNDUS VINI 2008


More tasting results

Foto Credit: Ralf Ziegler adlumina

Spirits of the Year 2018 announced // 900 spirits from all over the world in the competition

Sieger Best of Riesling 2018/ Credits: Ralf Ziegler/AdLumina

The best Rieslings of the year / 2,300 Rieslings in the competition

Meininger's Craftbeer Award 2018

With 1,090 beers from 28 nations, Meiningers International Craft Beer Award, one of the largest international beer tastings, took place for the fifth time.