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Meininger´s International Rosé Award

It is not without reason that rosé wines enjoy international popularity today, because hardly any other type of wine gives winegrowers from all over the world as much scope as rosé. From uncomplicated food companions to multi-layered solo artists: rosé wines are anything but one-dimensional. In addition to a large number of catchy wines for quick enjoyment, the market now also offers storable and complex rosés with great potential. 

Since 2021, we have been offering rosé wines an international stage on which the numerous facets - both in terms of color and taste - of this growth, which has long since ceased to be merely trendy, can assert their complexity and diversity.

Thus, for the first time in Germany, a competition exclusively for rosé wines is taking place that can hardly attract more attention due to its widespread distribution. The best rosé wines are published in the relevant magazines of Meininger Verlag and thus reach the decision-makers of the wine and beverage trade, the top and trend gastronomy as well as the wine connoisseurs.

Meiningers Weinwelt dedicates its May issue to the topic of rosé and presents the best wines in detail.

All the winning rosé wines in the competition will receive a certificate from us with their result will be published on Meininger Online - one of the leading wine sites on the internet.

Dear rosé producers, take advantage of this unique opportunity in time for the beginning of spring and summer to have your qualities tasted and awarded at Meininger's International Rosé Award.

We are already looking forward to your rosé wines and wish you every success in your participation. Put your wines in the spotlight in good time now!



Category I rosé dry

Category II rosé dry barrel-aged

Category III rosé off-dry

Category IV rosé sweet


The wines are assigned to the categories according to their analysis data and their label.

In each category, the first to third place winners will be awarded. In addition, you have the possibility to award medals with your received score (from 87 points). This score can be referred to in the equipment, as it is an officially recognised competition.



In addition to the score achieved in the competition, the best wine (according to category, origin, grape variety, price class, type of producer, distribution channels) can also receive an additional award.


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