Meininger's FINEST 100




Tuesday, 23 March 2021, 9.15 a.m. to 6.15 p.m.

Please note: Access to this exclusively tasting event is only granted by a personal invitation from the organizer Meininger Verlag and for trade visitors only.

The list of FINEST 100:
Here you can find the one hundred producers each of the years 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016


Meininger’s FINEST 100 – International Wine Summit assembles the cream of the wine elite, for a day of tasting at the very highest level. This international summit brings together 100 of the world’s best wine producers and 100 of the most prestigious sommeliers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 100 of the best wine retailers as well.

The wine event is only open to a select group of 100 producers and around 350 sommeliers and wine retailers and is the measure of competence, community and exclusivity within the industry.

Meininger’s FINEST 100 also benefits from the reputation of the Sommelier Summit, at which Meininger Verlag and Meiningers Sommelier – the magazine for fine wine – have welcomed the most celebrated German-speaking sommeliers to the Palatinate since 2013.

Meininger’s FINEST 100 – International Wine Summit follows the Sommelier Summit – with its challenging workshops and occasions to exchange views with colleagues – offers Sommelières and Sommeliers the ideal opportunity to taste wines from the best wineries in the world and to get to know the wine producers personally.

Event impressions and feedback from trade visitors at Meininger’s Finest 100 in 2017
(Fotos: Adlumina Ralf Ziegler und Nikita Kulikov)

 Wow, another fantastic event. Great wines and wonderful people in front of and behind the tasting tables. 

Axel Bode, Witwenball, Hamburg





 Our huge compliments to the organisers of Meininger’s Finest 100. A brilliant event. And thank you so much for inviting us. 

Dirk Würtz, Balthasar Ress



 Once again, huge compliments to you. A perfectly organised event and definitely among the best things available in this industry in Germany.

Hendrik Thoma, Wein am Limit




 My respect. This show has established itself as simply the top event of the year. What a wonderful and enjoyable day. 

Stefan Peter, Vinaturel





 It’s nice to taste wines and meet people I don’t otherwise work with. The focus is on communication, while we usually talk business indirectly. 

Andreas Brensing, Kölner Weinkeller 




 The Finest 100 is fantastically well organised and nothing is missing. We have an audience that is interested, as the right wine here always appeals to the right people. 

Willi Breuer, Vinissimo 




 The Finest 100 provides plenty of room for inspiration and shows what motivates the wine world. Even as wine professionals, we are always discovering new things here and it focuses our attention on top quality products. 

Bernhard Wolff, BASF Weinkeller



Event impressions and feedback from trade visitors at Meininger’s Finest 100 in 2016
(Fotos: Adlumina Ralf Ziegler und Nikita Kulikov)

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. I even get the time here to spend half an hour or so focusing on the wines of several producers, which I unfortunately don’t get the opportunity to do very often in my everyday routine.

Stephan Linden, Wine in Black, Berlin



For me it was one of the best events in recent years.

Rudolf Knickenberg, Schlumberger

It was a very impressive event. Congratulations on the brilliant organisation!

Manuel Bretschi, Deutsches Weininstitut


The organisation of the event was impressive. The huge selection of glasses on its own was really outstanding and without comparison. The selection of winegrowers was perfect. The fact that almost all the producers attended personally to present their wines, even winemakers such as Vega Sicilia, was really sensational. 

 Julian Huber, Weingut Huber


Many thanks to the publishers at Meininger Verlag and all their wonderful staff, who once again turned this weekend into an amazing highlight!

Moritz-Christian Blaß, Bayerischer Hof



Once again, thanks very much for your perfect reception in Neustadt. We had a wonderful day and were very satisfied with the quality of the event!

Jean Soubeyrand, Oliver Leflaive




A fantastic event with perfect service. Our discussions with the wine producers were especially thorough and detailed. Much more so than is the case at ProWein or other shows. I didn’t know where to start with the amazing selection of producers. 

Stéphane Gass, Traube Tonbach



With Meininger’s Finest 100, Germany has finally acquired an event away from Wiesbaden of international calibre, which brings together all the creative minds of the industry among the main players of restaurateurs, winegrowers and dealers. 

Markus Budai, Feine Weine Lobenberg




A sensational event, which is unrivalled throughout Germany, with an incredible assembly of the best vineyards, Riedel’s superb drinking glass culture and the who’s who of the sommelier guild. Kudos for the perfect organisation! 

Felix Eschenauer, Die Medienagenten




Thanks to all the individuals involved; I felt very much at ease and absorbed a lot of positive new impressions. A great industry needs great connections and a stage like this.

Lutz Heimrich,

 It was a perfectly organised, memorable tasting event.

Hans-Jürgen Teßnow, Wein Art