Meininger's International Wine Conference

Foto: / Ernst Stratmann / The Ivory Club


Wine in motion - Effective marketing, from Commodity wines to luxury goods

If you want to find out who has a say, who is a developer and decision-maker, you need some solid information. The latest data and facts on the German and international wine markets opened the door to an inspiring conference, which provided crucial impetus for future businesses.

  • What role do the different market segments play?
  • What differentiates ordinary from high-end wines?
  • Is the trade facing a revolution?
  • Is there a wine trade without traditional supermarkets, retail stores and shopping centres?
  • What scenarios are conceivable for the wine trade of tomorrow?

Customer data and their behaviour change supply chains and are the key to new business. If you know how to use them, you’ll be a step ahead. There are many indications that traditional supply chains are coming to an end. We venture a look at the future of the wine trade and probe the distribution revolution in depth. But not only is the trade changing as digitalisation proceeds, so too are the potential customer and buyer changing faster and more radically than ever imagined. New values and new behaviour patterns derived from them are motivating future generations. Questions are being completely redefined in society.

  • What is luxury?
  • What is aspirational consumption and lifestyle?
  • What place does wine occupy in this new canon of values?

Intriguing examples from the wine trade, restaurant business and luxury goods marketing provided specific instructions for action and highlight solutions.

Program as a pdf file