Meininger's International Wine Conference 2020

Please note already now the date for the next Meininger's International Wine Conference, to be held on Saturday, 14 March 2020 to the theme 
»Wine Generation XYZ unsolved – WINE AS THE GENERATIONS CHANGE«!

Anyone who wants to sell wine, has to keep an eye on the end user. But how do today’s wine consumers behave? What are their attitudes and their relationship with wine and how does this change over generations and by sexes? The consequences arising from consumer behaviour, attitudes, values and desires of consumers automatically lead to the question of which wines have a future. What are consumers’ preferences for certain wines? Which countries of origin, categories, colours, grape varieties and flavours will be in demand in the future? 

Expert speakers from science, research and the industry look for clues and against the background of social changes, they explain where this journey with wine is going. Now you can experience stimulating lectures and discussion panels about wine, brands and their makers to the theme "Wine in the change of generations".

As a filter and gatekeeper to the consumer, the wine trade plays a crucial role. New forms of trading are replacing old ones. Price and promotion-driven online trading is only an intermediate step away from new forms of trading. With click and collect the omnichannel trade is opening up a new way of doing business: buying online, picking up at the counter and paying at the checkout – s this the wine trade’s future?

Well-known figures in the wine industry discuss these issues and provide the answers. Why not share with us the experience of capable and accomplished wine merchants. And include their valuable suggestions and incentives to benefit your business. 

Kind regards

Dr Hermann Pilz
Editor-in-chief WEINWIRTSCHAFT

P.S.: Please find the total programme at the end of the year here on this website.