Meininger's International Wine Conference

Foto: / Ernst Stratmann / The Ivory Club

SAVE THE DATE: Meininger's International Wine Conference
Saturday, 16 March 2019, at Hotel InterContinental Düsseldorf.

Wine should be considered an aesthetic product, similar to a painting or a work of art, whose value is only created in the eye of the beholder – this was one of the key messages at this year’s Meininger’s International Wine Conference. For the value of a wine, consumers have no scale or reproducible measuring procedure. Which is why they need help with their decision-making, to make things easier when spoilt for choice.
More than ever before, it is important for every wine producer and wine merchant to create a brand. It must be shaped in such a way that it makes the wine desirable in the eyes of customers and reconciles their willingness to pay with the wine’s asking price at the same time.
How to create a great brand is the main theme of the next Meininger’s International Wine Conference on Saturday 16 March 2019, the day before ProWein.
The issue of branding is not restricted to pure product marketing alone, as a company, wine producer, wine merchant or online store can just as easily be a brand as any individual. Why not join us to deal with the crucial issues in the industry today – how and in what way is it possible to sell wine effectively?
The leading speakers from science, research and the industry will give talks on the current market trends and important questions for the wine market and give you decisive impetus for your endeavours in future.