Meininger's International Wine Conference 2020

New date: 13 October 2020

The wine trade and wine industry in Germany, like many other industries, is in the midst of major changes. New generations with a new canon of values and with new ideas about how they want to shape their lives are replacing older generations of best agers, the gold generation, baby boomers and millennials as the main consumer groups.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, purchasing and consumption behaviour and the development of the wine market on the international stage, as in Germany, are strongly influenced by the lockdown and the restrictions of social life. It is still open what influences and what changes are to be expected from the corona pandemic. But it is important to look to the present and the future: While food and online retailers and direct marketers are profiting from the crisis, many restaurateurs and their suppliers from the wine industry and trade, as well as stationary wine merchants and exporters, are losing sales and turnover. Not everyone is affected in the same way - the consequences of the crisis affect individual sectors and companies quite differently.

Join us as we examine this question on the basis of our own study, which is being presented for the first time at this year’s Meininger’s International Wine Conference. Jointly and with the support of the German Wine Institute as well as scientific guidance from Geisenheim University and the Institute of Wine and Beverage Business Administration, we commissioned the Rheingold Institute in Cologne to prepare a study on the younger generation’ attitudes, behaviour and opinions with regard to wine.

Despite or perhaps because of these distortions, it is important to take a sober stock of the situation and at the same time look to the future. Fear and despondency is a bad advisor. In this respect, Corona also has a great influence on Meininger's International Wine Conference and broadens the range of topics. Speakers will approach the topic from different angles and viewpoints and address key issues facing the industry. Listen to competent speakers such as Heinz Grüne from the Rheingold Institute, Cologne, a leader in the field of psychological market research, or Prof Simone Loose from the Institute for Wine and Beverage Management at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences. Michael Liebert from Vipino, Munich, and Joe Fattorini and Robert Joseph, London, will report on the practical experience of a wine online company, putting international markets and the importance of public relations and social media in the spotlight. Find out what is behind the idea and execution of a wine show and from a competent mouth more about the future of trade fairs as a marketing tool, in particular ProWein as the largest international hub for wine.

Participate in Meininger’s International Wine Conference to give yourself an advantage wherever the wine sector goes. Listen to excellent speakers who are looking for clues and who address the central questions regarding the future of wine consumption against the background of social change. Exchanges with wine experts will provide responses to future-related issues. Join us as competent and experienced wine merchants and wine producers share their experiences. Take home valuable inspiration and momentum for your company and your professional activities.

I look forward to seeing you there and sincerely welcome you to Dusseldorf!

Kind regards

Dr Hermann Pilz
Editor-in-chief WEINWIRTSCHAFT