The Award

At the beginning of May 2017, Meiningers International Craft Beer Award will take place for the fourth time. Our 2016 panel of 80 experts tasted and evaluated around 750 beer specialities from all around the world and gave the best beers silver, gold and platinum awards.
We have set new standards with our innovative evaluation system and organisation of tastings. In contrast to other competitions, each beer is tasted and judged individually. There is no other tasting quite like it. Only outstanding beers receive a medal. In 2016, we awarded only 21 platinum awards from among 750 beers tasted, which highlights just how circumspect we are with our medals. Overall, no more than 30 per cent of the beers submitted can be awarded. This is laid down in our rules. Further advantages of our award: For each beer, the breweries receive not only their evaluation result, but also a precise sensory description.
Furthermore, the platinum and gold prize winners are featured in detail in our MEININGERS CRAFT magazine. Also in our other drinks and wine magazines and our portal MEININGER ONLINE we feature detailed reports on the winners.
It would be practically impossible to attract more attention to your target groups.
We look forward to receiving your beer specialities and wish you every success at our award.



The registered beers are allocated to groups of judges, each comprising of five to seven tasters. Under the leadership of the head judge, the group tastes the beers in thematic flights. In contrast to other competitions, each beer is tasted and evaluated individually as opposed to being compared with one another (which is the best beer of the bunch?). This unique approach has proved successful, as it means that each individual beer is given the attention it deserves.

As well as being presented in Rastal-Teku tasting glasses, each beer is served to the judges in a special ‘optical glass’, so its appearance and head can also be evaluated.
Using a 100-point system, each judge rates the beers on the basis of their appearance, aroma, taste and overall impression. Another special feature of the competition is that the beers are described according to their aroma. This descriptive analysis is carried out using 21 attributes defined specifically for each beer category. The descriptions result in a spider chart per beer that gives an overview of its flavour profile at a glance. An additional benefit for brewers and end-consumers alike.



The participating beers with the highest scores in their respective category are presented with: platinum, gold or silver awards.

Additional awards include:
Craft Brewer of the Year National/International
and Craft Beer of the Year National/International



Receiving an award, with the accompanying medal and certificate, has a noticeable effect on sales. The winners are published in the trade and food magazines of MEININGER VERLAG (GETRÄNKE ZEITUNG, FIZZZ, MEININGERS SOMMELIER, WEINWIRTSCHAFT), in MEININGERS CRAFTBIER MAGAZIN and in Meininger's consumer magazine MEININGERS WEINWELT, as well as on the internet platforms and social media sites of the publishing house.