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Meininger´s International Craft Beer Award

Meininger's International Craft Beer Award is a unique competition for beer. We have transferred the enormous wealth of experience from 50 years of wine and spirits tasting to beer, taken into account the special features of each individual style and said goodbye to the schemes we have been familiar with up to now. In this way, we have developed a system that not only results in medal awards, but also evaluates and describes the beers individually, thus enabling direct comparison with other beers and providing detailed feedback to all brewers.

Meininger's International Craft Beer Award is thus much more than just one competition among many in which beers are awarded prizes; it has become an industry event, a communication platform, an institution for comparison with other beers, a kind of benchmarking.

Starting in 2021, we have decided to break new ground with the Craft Beer Award in 2021. Instead of selecting the best national and international beer specialities within the framework of a single, multi-day tasting, we will switch to monthly, theme-specific tastings and awards. From our point of view, this approach offers several other advantages for all participating breweries in addition to the all-important planning security:
• For the first time, seasonal beer styles (e.g. Maibock, Summer Ales, Grünhopbier) can be tasted fresh and at the appropriate time of year. Winning beers are thus marketed with pinpoint accuracy.
• The monthly awards provide the breweries with repeated occasions during the year to communicate with their customers and the press.
• The permanent media presence of the Craft Beer Award strengthens the brand and thus increases the value of an award.

Hand in hand with this new orientation is the significantly expanded communication strategy, which guarantees even more awareness and benefits for the participants of the Craft Beer Awards.

The new marketing tools include:

• monthly, high-reach online award ceremonies (successfully implemented for the first time for the Craft Beer Award 2020)
• intensive editorial support of the tastings in the various trade magazines of Meininger Verlag, above all in Meininger's CRAFT, plus presence in FIZZZ, Getränke Zeitung, Meininger's Sommelier, etc.
• permanent reporting via the new Craft Beer Awards website and the strong social media channels

Despite all the changes, however, you can rely on important constants: the highly professional analysis, description and evaluation of your beer by proven experts in the field and - associated with this - detailed sensory feedback that enables benchmarking.

We look forward to tasting and evaluating your beer specialities and presenting the best beers to beer connoisseurs all over the world in an even broader and more public way!


Tasting at a Glance
Tasting at a Glance

The registered beers are divided into jury groups, each consisting of five to seven tasters. Chaired by a jury president, the group tastes the beers in thematically related flights. In contrast to other awards, however, the approach is not comparative (which beer from the series is the best?), but each beer is tasted and evaluated individually. This singular approach has proven its worth, as it gives each individual beer the attention it deserves.

In addition to the Rastal Teku tasting glasses per jury member, each beer is served in a special optic glass to assess appearance and foam behaviour. Each jury member evaluates the beers in terms of appearance, aroma, taste as well as overall impression in a 100-point scheme. In addition, and this is another special feature of the competition, the beers are described aromatically.

This descriptive analysis is carried out in 21 individually defined attributes for each beer category. The descriptions culminate in a spider's web diagram for each beer, which shows the respective flavour profile at a glance. Added value for brewers and consumers.

The participating beers with the highest score in each category will be awarded the well-known and sales-promoting Craft Beer Award medals: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Additional awards are:

Craft Beer of the Year national / international

Craft Brewer of the Year national / international

The best beer from each category


Meiningers International Craft Beer Award