27. April 2022

The "Beers of the Year" were chosen at an award ceremony. Among the award winners are well-known breweries, but also some newcomers.

8. December 2021

Awards for the best craft beers and breweries of the year
Prestigious awards go to Hoppebräu, Brauhaus Faust, Doppelleu Boxer (Switzerland) and NBeer Craft Brewing (China)

1. December 2021

Awards for the best autumn and winter beers go to Hoppebräu, Riedenburger Brauhaus, Bitburger and Colombia Craft Brewing Company //
Freshly brewed green hops beers awarded for the first time

30. September 2021

Freestyle Beer of the Year 2021:
Doppelleu Citra Double Wit, Switzerland

30. September 2021

Kundmüller Brewery brews Kellerbier of the Year //
Hoppebräu awarded for "Märzen of the Year" //
Best Oktoberfest-Style Lager comes from Brauhaus Faust //
Other special awards go to Doppelleu Boxer and Kaiserdom Klosterbräu

29. July 2021

Trendy Helles and classic export beer in focus // Titles for the best beers go to Brauhaus Faust, Lillebräu and Schwarzbräu