Use the digital subscription easily wherever you are

Use the digital subscription easily wherever you are

You can now read WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL on all mobile devices - smartphone and tablet as well. To do this, all you need is the WBI app, which can be found in the App Store e.g. by searching for 'meininger'.
Within the app, you can buy all available separate editions. Each edition contains 3-4 free sample pages to read. If you are a subscriber, we will be happy to activate you for the digital subscription, if required. Tip: Each magazine also has a free sample.

Benefit for subscribers: Use the digital subscription free of charge Benefit for subscribers: Use the app subscription for free 

If you are a subscriber of the print magazine, you can also read the app issues at no extra cost. To activate this, please contact our sales team or call us on +49 6321-8908-0.

Open the WBI app in your browser

Now, the MEININGER publications can also be accessed directly in your browser on your PC/laptop. Scroll through the extracts or enter the activation code or your log-in data and read the full samples.

Open the WBI app in your browser

If you have any questions about the app or your log-in details, just contact our sales team or call us on +49 6321-8908-0.

Are you interested in the German app magazines? Go to the German app.

How the WBI App works

Here are some tips on how you can find your way around the app.

  1. The overview in the "Kiosk" displays all editions of all publications in chronological order as standard. There are also filter options if you wish to refine the view: Either click on the funnel symbol or swipe your finger to the right across the screen.
  2. You can search through the entire app, i.e. including the articles from all the editions.
  3. Read edition: Just tap on the edition you wish to read.
The left-hand navigation panel opens when you swipe to the right or tap the book symbol. Here you can narrow the view down to one publication, use functions for the edition, e.g. bookmarks, and load or delete editions. The side navigation panel closes again when you swipe to the left or tap again on the book symbol.
  1. When you swipe to the left or tap on the menu symbol, the right-hand navigation panel will open.
  2. Here you will be able to access your log-in, the entry field for the activation code, your subscriptions and the help function. You can customise the app view under the app settings.
  3. If you like the app, recommend it to friends and colleagues via e-mail or on Facebook. We would also be very grateful if you would rate the app.


Navigating around an edition

When tapping on an edition, you can scroll through the first 3-4 pages until a message appears asking you to buy the edition, log in or use an activation code. In the right-hand navigation panel below, you can access the kiosk again (the edition overview of all publications) using the home symbol.


Frequently asked questions about the App

I am a subscriber. Do I have to buy the app issues again?

Every app user has the option of buying each issue of all publications in the app. If you already receive a print subscription, register here. If you have already registered, contact our sales team and you will soon receive access to the app subscription for free.

How can I activate my app subscription?

If you subscribe to a MEININGER print publication, we can send you an activation code via e-mail, if requested. If you subscribe to several magazines, you will receive a code for each magazine.

To activate this, please indicate that you would like to use the app subscription in the "Meininger Abonnements" section during registration. Our sales team will then send you your access code. If you have already registered with, contact our sales team and let us know that you want to use the app subscription.

My activation code doesn't work! What can I do?

Could the code have already been used on another device? The code can only be used once and only on one device. Following activation, you can access all samples in the subscription period without having to enter the code again. If the code has not been used and still doesn't work, please contact our sales team. We will reset this or, if necessary, send you a new activation code.

What is the purpose of signing in to/registering in the app?

If you want to read the MEININGER'S WBI publications on more than one device, (e.g. on a smartphone, tablet and PC), you can register in the app using your e-mail address and one password and use the log-in data on any additional device. You take the access with you, as it were, each time you want to read the samples on another device. It is not possible to be signed in to or read on several devices at the same time.

How long can I use the app subscription for/how long is the activation code valid?

Your access to the app subscription will remain valid for as long as you read the print subscription.

I have bought samples within the old app. How do I find them in the new app without having to buy them again?

At the beginning of July 2015, there was an update to the MEININGER'S WBI app. If you have made individual purchases within the app, they should be available to you again via the "restore" button. This can be found at the very bottom of the right-hand navigation panel.

If you have any further questions about the MEININGER'S WBI app, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail at